The Library is central and common to all the academic activities of the College. It provides a place to study, material for study and services to assist study and managed by a trained librarian who holds Master degree in Library Sciences. With a computerized database of books in the Library, the search and retrieval of books is much easier. It is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
The library is treasured with valuable books on all plausible subjects. In addition the library possesses 4,789 reference titles and 22579 Volumes and NPTEL video courses. The centre nerve is the DEL NET online services: Infotrac Engineering, Science+Technology Collections E Journals – 1152, Infotrac Management Collection – E Journals, SONET CD’S and DVDs.
It caters the academic and competitive exam requirements of the students by providing books on different genres and areas. Students have access to a lending library, reference library, paperback library, non-print media library and a vast treasure of journals, current and back volumes. The Library itself breathes an air of distinction and studiousness and is much frequented during free lectures.
The college subscribes for leading English and Telugu magazines and Newspapers. These newspapers are available to the students and staff in the library. Every class has specific number of library periods per week. Nominated classes visit the library in the prescribed periods and read books, magazines and newspapers of their choice. At outset Library stands as an asset to the college and helps in grooming the Reading skills of the students.